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Dream Team 

The Dream Team contest starts each year in January and lasts 17 weeks. All contestants are teams of four people. Bodyfat is meausred and points are awarded for fat loss and muscle gain. The total points are then divided among the number of team members; and the team with the most points per person at the end of the contest is declared the winner of FREE personal training for the remainder of the calendar year! This and many other prizes are awarded during our Annual Dream Team Banquet. Don't wait another year--call us today!

Annual Strength Competitions


Every summer the men and women of Personal Fitness compete against one another in a battle of strength and endurance. The competition is aired on Armstrong Cable during the month of August. 


BLPF Kids Day


The children and grandchildren of Personal Fitness clients are invited one morning each year to do it like the grown ups do! The kids participate in running, jumping, light lifting, yoga, karate and plyometrics demonstrations. All of the kids receive a free t-shirt thanks to our generous partner Palmiero Toyota. 

Kids Day Group 2023.jpg
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